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.:: Scranton Area Foundation ::.

 The SGT Jan Argonish Ride makes an annual base monetary donation to the SGT Jan-Michael Argonish Memorial Fund through the Scranton Area Foundation, a tax-exempt public, community charity created by and for the people of Scranton and Lackawanna County which assists donors in their charitable giving through organized philanthropy.  Jan’s memorial fund donates annually as well to local charities which he was passionate to support.

If you know a military veteran who had been injured in the line of duty who could use our help. Please Contact

.:: 2015 Recipients ::.
  The Rear Area Foundation - Wall of Remembrance

The Rear Area Support Foundation is a non-profit organization with multiple programs to help support our veterans while keeping their memories and message alive! Their programs include sending care packages to our troops serving overseas; traveling with the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance traveling that pays tribute to the fallen from Beirut, Gulf Wars, Tragedies of 9/11/01, Iraq and Afghanistan. This memorial bears the names of over 10,000 heroes and victims along with a full color timeline telling the Global War on Terrorism story from 1983 to current. This is a perpetual memorial that will not be closed out until the Global War on Terrorism campaign is officially closed; Hang with Heroes is a program designed to keep the memory and stories alive of our fallen heroes and hopefully create new ones. Patriots like yourself and your friends can sponsor a Hero represented on the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance, Vietnam Wall or someone that served that is no longer with us; And the most recent project to be launched is the Veteran to Veteran help line that aims to reduce suicides amongst the military active duty and veterans. 1-888-Vet 2 Vet (838-2838).

 Equines for Freedom

Equines for Freedom is a new local organization whose mission is to provide equine-assisted PTSD treatment to current and former US service members, at no charge to the service members.

.:: 2014 Recipients ::.

 St. Francis Commons Veterans Homeless Shelter

Care packages are being donated to the 30 homeless veterans, ranging in ages from 22 years to retired World War II veterans. Care packages included bedding and towels, blankets, toiletries, clothing and grocery gift cards, thatcan beused to help them get back on their feet.

 Veterans Affairs - Supporting Veterans in need

The SGT Jan Argonish Ride has partnered with the local Veterans Affairs Office to provide ongoing emergency financial support for groceries, shelter, bill pay, etc for local veterans in need who are financially getting back on their feet.

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.:: 2013 Recipient ::.

Josh Sibio

 Josh Sibio, 23 of Dunmore, was a 2008 graduate of St. John's Military School in Salina, Kansas. He joined the Marine Corps at age 17, serving in Afghanistan from 2010 -2011. While awaiting his next tour to Africa, Josh was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on May 31, 2012. Josh is a paraplegic as a result of his injuries, currently undergoing therapies to build his strength at St. Mary's Villa and Allied Services, hoping to return home to the care of his grandparents, Theresa and Ronald Reagan, in September. Josh's mom passed of cancer when he was 14, and he has been raised by his grandparents who are currently renovating their home to be handicap accessible. The SGT Jan Argonish Ride will be contributing a monetary donation to help convert a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, bought by the family, to be made handicap accessible with a chair lift for Josh, along with a care package.

.:: 2012 Recipient ::.

                         OPERATION HOMEFRONT

 Operation Homefront (OH) provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.

                     HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS

Homes for Our Troops has launched the 100 More ... Homes for Our Troops campaign.

.:: 2011 Recipient ::.

Nick Staback

 22 year old Nick Staback of Sturges, a 2009 graduate of Valley View High School, was stationed with an Army unit in Afghanistan in October 2011, when a land mine nearly cost him his life. He was transferred to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, MD. where both of his legs were amputated. Nick is currently undergoing therapies and treatments, while staying in great spirits and looking forward to getting his new prosthetics. As our 2011 recipient, The SGT Jan Argonish Ride contributed a monetary donation, along with a care package for Nick to help keep his spirits up during his recovery. We also sent him and his brother, also a wounded veteran, to hunt with Ted Nugent for adaptive hunting.

.:: 2010 Recipient ::.

SPC Kodi Tyler

 Army Specialist Kodi Tyler, 27 years old of South Carolina, was wounded during the August 27, 2007 ambush which claimed SGT Jan Argonish’s life, in the Kunar Province of Aghanistan. SPC Tyler lost his left eye, received a right femur replacement and suffered extensive internal injuries as a result of the attack. Kodi has been on dialysis for over a year as he awaits a kidney transplant, and receives 24 hour nurses care.   As a result of his traumatic brain injuries, he suffers from seizures, which resulted in accident with his car. As a 2010 recipient, the SGT Jan Argonish Ride gave a monetary donation to help purchase a new vehicle which his family can more easily transport him and his wheelchair during his recovery.  He also received a collectible WWE Million dollar belt which he collects, and a gift certificate to Game Stop to enjoy with his children, Austin and Mackenzie Faith.  Recently, Kodi has received a pacemaker to help strengthen his heart as he awaits his transplant. His children and supporting family continue to be his drive during his recovery.

.:: 2009 Recipients ::.

SGT Travis Squadrito

 A member of the Army Military Police, SGT Travis Squadrito was injured in Balad, Iraq in 2004. He resides in Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania as a single father to a 10 year old daughter, Serena.  Since 2004, SGT Squadrito has undergone fourteen surgeries.  As a result of his injuries, he needed to retire from his job in service and decided to return to school as a full time student. As a 2009 recipient, The SGT Jan Argonish Ride gave a monetary donation to assist with his mortgage and built a swing set for his daughter to enjoy in the country. Travis is currently focusing on finishing school and pursuing a new career.

SGT David Emery

 Marine SGT David Emery was critically wounded in Iraq on February 7, 2007 when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb at a secured checkpoint, killing 7 people. David’s injuries ultimately resulted in amputation of both of his legs. Arriving at Walter Reed in June 2007, David spent months learning to sit up by himself and that August began learning to use his prosthetic legs. An outdoorsman at heart, David enjoys 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing and shooting. He also is quite talented in the kitchen and enjoys cooking for himself and others. David’s future goals include being able to walk again, continuing his education, and enjoying his young daughter, Carlee’s childhood.  As a 2009 recipient, the SGT Jan Argonish Ride gave a monetary donation to assist “Homes for Our Troops” to build David a handicapped accessible home where he will reside with his wife, Angel.

.:: 2008 Recipients ::.

SSG Earl Granville

 Army SSG Earl Granville, a 30 year old native of Carbondale, was on his third deployment when a roadside bomb left him with severe leg injuries in Zormat, Afghanistan, on June 3, 2008.  Later transferred to Bagram for surgery, SSG Granville was eventually sent to Landstuhl, Germany where his left leg was amputated. Arriving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in mid-June, he spent nearly two years as a patient before being released, receiving therapies and treatments. As a 2008 recipient, the SGT Jan Argonish Ride donated a care package including an Xbox360, DVD’s, snacks, gift certificates and much more to keep his mind occupied during his recovery. SSG Granville enjoys spending time with his young daughter, Alexandria. He is now a member of the USA Warriors Sled Hockey Team and enjoys participating in many adaptive sports. A recent business graduate at Lackawanna College, Earl is enjoying his new specially adapted home from "Homes for Our Troops" which helps him focus on his recovery and his future.

SSG Michael Kacer

 Army SSG Michael Kacer, a 31 year old native of Carbondale, sustained severe facial and internal injuries, along with a left arm amputation on June 18, 2007, as a result of a rocket blast to the building he and his team were in.  SSG Kacer spent nearly two years recovering at Walter Reed Army  Hospital in Washington, D.C. As a 2008 recipient, the SGT Jan Argonish Ride donated a care package including Rock Band, DVD’s and a DVD shelving unit, gift certificates and snacks and much more to keep him occupied during his recovery.  Michael has returned home, and is currently focused on traveling and running. His has competed in multiple marathons, including a 197 miles recent relay race in Oregon.  Recently, Michael also had a debut on Sports Center’s Top 10, for catching a fowl ball.

Watch this amazing catch by SSG Michael Kacer. Check out this YouTube Video